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1 million batteries in 2009!

The output of ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. went over 1 million batteries in 2009! The millionth battery was produced in the second half of December. It was Expedition Plus AGM battery, which was launched in the middle of this year. Thanks to the most modern technology this battery is 100% leakage proof, what is not only a great advantage for the user, but is also important from the point of natural environment protection. This battery was exported to one of Scandinavian countries.

New design of 45Ah Japan Plus Cars batteries

We are proud to announce that we improved the design of 45Ah Japan Plus Cars launching a new lid.  New batteries are produced starting from November 2009, have a modern desing and an ergonomic handle, which is very convenient when carrying the battery.

The change of the lid was possible thanks to investments we made in 2009.

Equip Auto 2009 exhibition in Paris

Despite of  the overwhelming economic crisis Equip Auto 2009 exhibition attracted 106 407 visitors, what gives a 32% increase comparing to the exhibition that took place in 2007. The number of exhibitors was however lower than previously and reached 2022. ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. was one out of 20 Polish exhibitors.

Our modern and original stand located in a great  place attracted attention and distinguished oneself from the competition. The exhibition was a good opportunity to meet our current customers, build further relations and discuss development projects.

New AGM Expedition Plus batteries!

AGM Expedition Plus – most modern batteries designed for a wide range of purposes, as a starting power for cars as well as for long-term discharge applications.

Batteries are produced in an up-to-date technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and instead of having liquid acid consist of the electrolite, which is kept inside the special glass mat. The AGM batteries are therefore 100% leakage and spill proof.

The batteries are produced and available in two types:
70Ah (640A) – with the catalogue code 570 01

ZAP in Dubai

Automechanika Middle East in Dubai? Why not? Zap Sznajder Batterien S.A. for the first time decided to participate in this extraordinary Trade Fair. Automechanika Dubai is one of the biggest and most interesting business events in this part of the world. Despite the fact that it was organized during the world crisis, it attracted 15 431 visitors from 114 countries. The number of exhibitors reached 966.